"I first walked on fire in 1993.  I knew immediately that I needed to learn the art of leading others in this incredibly transformative experience. I am proud to have learned from Master Firewalking Instructors from several schools, including The Firewalking Center, F.I,R.E., and Peggy Dylan from SunDoor.  I completed my FIT, and went on to become a Master Firewalking Instructor under the exacting and loving tutelage of Tolly Burkan, Peggy Dylan (the "Mother and Father of the Firewalking Movement"), Kevin Axtell and Steve Consalves at the Firewalking Center.

I, along with Kerry Cudmore, my Fire-Sister, developed the Empowerment Leadership and Firewalking Instructor Training and Certification program.  The ELFIT differs from other FIT programs in that we provide extensive business coaching combined with deep spiritual practice--assuring your heart, mind, soul and body are well nourished and aligned with your purpose.

Perhaps you have crossed the coals and been so well blessed by the Fire that you feel compelled to lead others in this life-changing rite of passage.  If so, please contact us, as classes are forming, now for 2023.
Private ELFIT Training is available, if you prefer to learn one on one.

Watch this space for dates and details about the next ELFIT!