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Now Booking for 2024 - 2025

We prefer to book at least four months in advance to assure we provide your event with the perfectly planned Firewalking Ceremony or Seminar.  We can book with less lead-time, but surcharges will apply. 


GLOW Team Training Day

May 25

Private Event.  Sunderland MA                                     June 1

Global Entrepreneurs Organization. M.I.T.                    June 16

Firewalking at GLOW, Worthington MA 
Tickets Available June 1                                                July 13

Private Event, Albany NY                                                Aug 3

Private Event, Simsbury CT                                            Aug 24 

Private Event Londonderry VT                                       Aug 25

Firewalking at GLOW, Worthington MA
Tickets Available August 15                                           Sep 21


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Previous Events

Global Entrepreneurs Transforming Life, Business & the World.
A Firewalking Seminar 
Friday, June 17, 2022

Private Event, Entrepreneur's Organization, EMP Graduation
Endicott House, M.I.T. Boston

Transformational Firewalking Ceremony at Estival Festival
Sunday, June 19, 2022 6-11:30pm

Estival Festival on Sugar Mountain in Caneadea, NY is a phenomenal music festival, organized by heart-centered people, on a magnificent mountain site.  Camping, music, vendors, food trucks, and amazing kid-centered activities.
Join other festival-goers for an amazing evening of deep transformation as we close the weekend with this Firewalking Ceremony.

Summer Harvest Ceremony & Firewalk at GLOW

August 20, 2022

An evening of giving thanks for the season's harvest, and our lives! Join in heart-centered community, celebration and ceremony.  Connect with fire as creative force. Move through fear and into heart-centered action.

Firewalking Ceremony at Estival Festival, Candeadea, NY
Sunday, September 4, 2022
Join GLOW and other festival goers as we close out the Festival and the Festival Season!  A night for giving thanks, community building, drumming, dancing, firewalking and some new challenges for experienced Firewalkers!



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